City Phone Directory by Service Provided

(All Telephone Numbers are area Code 248.)



 Phone # 


 Absentee Ballots  City Clerk   583-0826
 Animal Complaints  Police - Animal Control   837-2784
 Animal Licenses  City Clerk   583-0826
 Assessment Information  City Assessor   583-0820
 Auto Pound  Police  545-7942


 Bicycle Licenses  City Clerk  583-0826
 Bill Collections: Water and Sewer, Property Tax  Finance  583-0845
 Birth Certificates  City Clerk  583-0826
 Birthday Parties  DPS - Nature Center  585-0100
 Block Parties  Police  585-2100
 Blood Pressure Program  Fire  588-3605
 Boards and Commissions  City Clerk  583-0826
 Board of Review  City Assessor  583-0820
 Brush Pick-up  Dept. of Public Services (DPS)  589-2294
 Budget  City Manager  583-0829
 Business Licenses  City Clerk  583-0826


 Cable Television  City Manager  583-0855
 City Officials  City Council  583-0829
 Calendar & Annual Report  City Manager  583-0829
 Christmas Tree Pick-up  Dept. of Public Services (DPS)  589-2294
 Code Enforcement  Community Development (CDD)  583-0831
 Community Family Coalition  Community Family Coalition  583-0848
 Community Policing  Police  585-2100
 Composting  Dept. of Public Services (DPS)  589-2294
 Court (43rd District)  District Court  583-1800
 CPR Classes  Fire  588-3605
 Crisis Response Team  Police  585-2100


 Death Certificates  City Clerk  583-0826
 Dog Pound  Police  583-0852
 Economic Development  Community Development (CDD)  583-0831
 Elections  City Clerk  583-0826
 Emergencies  Police / Fire  911
 Employment  Human Resources  583-0828


 Fire Prevention  Fire  588-3605


 Hazardous Waste  Dept. of Public Services (DPS)  589-2294
 Homestead Exemption  City Assessor  583-0820


 Inspections  Community Development (CDD)  583-0831


 Job Applications  Human Resources  583-0828


 Leaf Pick-up  Dept. of Public Services (DPS)  589-2294
 Library Information - Main  Library  588-7763
 Library Information - Branch  Library  541-7880
 Lunch Program (Federally funded)   DPS - Senior Center  545-3464
 Map Information / GIS  Community Development (CDD)  583-0831
 Medical Loan Closet  City Clerk  583-0826
 Memorial Trees  Dept. of Public Services (DPS)  589-2294


 Nature Center  DPS - Nature Center  585-0100
 Neighborhood Watch  Police  583-1424


 Ordinances - Copies  City Clerk  583-0826
 Ordinances - Enforcement & Complaints  Community Development (CDD)  583-0831


 Pet Clinic  City Clerk  583-0826
 Parking Information:  Police  585-2100

    Trash Day, Snow Emergencies, Graduation, Other

 Park & Pavilion Rental  Dept. of Public Services (DPS)  589-2294
 Parks  Dept. of Public Services (DPS)  589-2294
 Permits: Building, Electrical Pools, Shed, Other  Community Development (CDD)  583-0831 
 Police Reserves  Police  585-0961
 Property Taxes  City Assessor  583-0820
 Property Transfer Affidavits  City Assessor  583-0820


 Recreational Vehicle Storage  Dept. of Public Services (DPS)  589-2294
 Recreation Program (Registration / Questions)  Dept. of Public Services (DPS)  589-2294
 Rental Property  Community Development (CDD)  583-0831
 Road Repairs  Dept. of Public Services (DPS)  589-2294
 Recycling  Dept. of Public Services (DPS)  589-2294


 Schools: Lamphere School District
                Madison School District
 Sidewalk Repair Program  Community Development (CDD)  583-0831
 Skateboard Park - The Ramps  DPS - Recreation Division  589-2294
 Smoke Detector Program  Fire  588-3605
 Snow Removal  DPS - Streets Division  589-2294
 Street Lighting  Dept. of Public Services (DPS)  589-2294
 Streets  DPS - Streets Division  589-2294
 Senior Citizens  DPS- Senior Center  545-3464


 Taxes: General Information  Assessing
 Trash Bags For Sale - Finance  Finance  583-0845
 Trash Bags For Sale - DPS  Dept. of Public Services (DPS)  589-2294
 Trash Collection  DPS - Solid Waste Division  589-2294
 Trees: Planting and Removal  DPS - Parks Division  589-2294


 Utility Information  N/A  N/A


 Victim Advocates (see Crisis Response)  Police  585-0961
 Vital Statistics  City Clerk  583-0826
 Volunteer Information:
    (Nature Center, Recreation, etc.)
 DPS - Recreation Division  589-2294
 Voter Registration  City Clerk  583-0826


 Water and Sewer - Billing and Service  Finance (Treasury)  583-0845
 Weddings - Ceremony Requests  City Manager  583-0829


 Yard Waste  Dept. of Public Services (DPS)  589-2294
 Youth Assistance  Youth Assistance  583-0848
 Youth Explorers  Police  585-0961
 Youth Programs  DPS - Recreation  589-2294


 Zoning: General Info & and Enforcement  Community Development (CDD)  583-0831