Garage Sale Notices in Madison Heights

The City of Madison Heights provides this FREE community service for any resident wishing to post a garage sale notice on the city's web site.

Click on the garage sale postings on the left to learn more about that particular sale.

The City of Madison Heights does not endorse or support any sale posted on these pages.

submit  ONLINE GARAGE SALE NOTICE REQUEST FORM: To submit a FREE notice for inclusion on the web site, please CLICK HERE. submit

- Any person who wishes to have a garage/yard sale posted on the City of Madison Heights' official web site shall be subject to the following rules and regulations:
1) Garage sale notices will not be available for commercial or industrial advertising, advertising of in-home business or homes for sale, or political fundraiser information. 
2) Garage sale notices must be submitted to the City for content review at least one week prior to requested posted dates. The City reserves the right to edit, remove or reject any submitted garage sale notice request.
3) There will be a limit of one garage sale notice request per quarter year per household.
4) Garage sale notice requests are subject to City Manager approval. The City reserves the right to edit, remove or reject any submitted request. 

5) A contact person, address and phone number must be provided with all requests.

6) Garage sale signs: Click Here to view regulations concerning the use and placement of temporary signs.  

Any signs placed on utility poles, traffic lights, traffic signs, street signs, fire hydrants or trees will be removed.