Downtown Development Authority

Rebuild - Renew - Revitalize

PURPOSE: To halt and eliminate property value deterioration, increase property tax values, and promote economic growth within this business district of the City.


TERM: 4 years

COMPOSITION: 8-12 members appointed by the Mayor with Council approval . Not less than a majority of the members shall be persons having an interest within the downtown district.

Members / Term Expiration

Keri Valmassei 6/19/20 Ben Myers (City Manager) 11/09/17
Marlene Spreitzer 6/19/17 Johnny John* 6/19/18
Ruth Charlebois* 6/19/19 Joseph Keys* 6/19/19
Yousif Jarbo* 6/19/15 Lenea Renshaw  6/19/20
Daniel Johnson* 6/19/20 Mike VanBuren*  6/19/18
Brian Hartwell (Mayor) 11/09/17 Linda Williams (DDA Staff Liaison)
Rickey Busler 6/19/17  Michael Sheppard* 06/19/19

Denotes members with a property interest.  

MEETING SCHEDULE AND LOCATION: 2nd Tuesday of each month at 8:00 am at City Hall.

DDA Minutes - Achieved Minutes



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