Madison Heights History and Trivia Questions


Originally part of Royal Oak Township, Madison Heights incorporated as a city by popular vote on January 17, 1955, and chartered on December 6 that same year, becoming the tenth city government in southern Oakland County. At that time, the 7.2 square miles
city was one of the largest suburban communities in the Metro Detroit area. The first city hall was located at 26305 John R Road, the former township offices. On April 5, 1963, a new municipal building was dedicated which is on the present location at 300 West Thirteen Mile Road. The city lies in the Interstate 696 (I-696) and I-75 corridor and is served by two primary school districts, Lamphere and Madison, as well as a full-service municipal government. Today, Madison Heights' mayor is Edward Swanson.

Madison Heights is part of Oakland County's Automation Alley. There are more than 1,300 commercial and industrial businesses and services within the city's 7.2 square miles, and the city is proud to have a majority of small businesses, as well as more than 100 major companies within its borders, such as Best Buy, Costco, CVS Pharmacy, Home Depot, Meijer, MicroCenter, Sam's Club, Hungry Howie's, Target, UPS, WOW!, Culver's, and soon to come Twin Peaks Restaurant. While around 91% of the buildings in Madison Heights are single-family homes or condominiums, about 60% of the tax base is fueled by light industrial or commercial property. Madison Heights was named a "High Tech Hot Spot" by a local magazine. There are more than 112 miles of road within Madison Heights, of which the city maintains 105 miles, 95 miles for snow removal, sweeping, and patching. Interstate 75 passes north to south on the west side of the city, and Interstate 696 is the major feature of its southern border.

Trivia Questions

Which two gentlemen graduated from Madison High School and achieved national fame as wrestlers, one as a teenager and one in his adult life?

    d. Berney Gonzales and Jim Myers

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Here are the answers to the last set of trivia questions.

1. Madison Heights was incorporated as a city in?

     b. 1955

2. The former name of the area now known as Madison Heights is?

     a. Royal Oak Township

3. Who was the first Mayor of Madison Heights?

     c. Lloyd Ferguson 

4. What "cover up" began in January of 1962 and ended on January 11, 1973?

    a. The covering of the Red Run Drain    

5. What two civic buildings were completed and began operation in 1964?

    b. City Hall and the Library 

6. What were the two former stores that occupied the present K-Mart's site on 12 Mile & John R?

    d. Hudson's Budget Store and E. J. Korvettes

7. What was proposed to be built in 1952 in the northeast area of John R and 12 Mile Rd and what was built there instead?

    a. Northeast Airport then the Oakland County Incinerator

8. What building was constructed on its original location on John R in 1924 that later became Wilkinson Junior High?

    a. Madison High School

9. Who in the early 1900's, laid a trail from Detroit to Square Lake Road which became a road that led to the growth of the Madison Heights area?

    d. Burnette Frechet Stephenson

10. What technological change came to Madison Heights in 1981 that was a first for Oakland County?

    d. Cable-TV

11.Who served the longest term as Mayor?

    c. George Suarez 

12. Who was the first woman Mayor?
    b. Virginia Solberg

13. Who was the only person to serve as City Manager and Councilperson?

   b. Ernest Fisher

14. Who are the only people who were elected to the City Council and a school board position?

   c.  All of the above

15. Who was our first Police Chief and Fire Chief?

   c. Robert Richardson and Joseph Sloan

16. In what decade was the Lamphere District formed?

   a. 1830's

17. What Madison Heights “Pioneer family” settled here in 1867 and donated a portion of their farm land in 1926 for a one-room schoolhouse that stood in our city until it was torn down in 2005?

     d. Kendall

18. What local lumber company opened here in 1939, advertised materials for backyard chicken coops and had the unofficial slogan of “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it"?

      b. John R. Lumber Co.

19.What address and/or location is the oldest home to remain standing today in Madison Heights?

   c. 1560 East 13 Mile Road, just west of Dequindre

20.What was the nickname given to a housing area in the 1930s that was south of 13 Mile and east of John R and inhabited by welfare recipients?

   a. “Tent City” because people lived in canvas tents anchored to the ground

21.What significant event in the City occurred for the first time on February 5, 2008 and is due to happen again in January of 2016?

   c. Opening of the Heritage Rooms Museum which honors our local history

22. Which two gentlemen graduated from Madison High School and achieved national fame as wrestlers, one as a teenager and one in his adult life?

    d. Berney Gonzales and Jim Myers

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