Department of Public Services (DPS)

300 West 13 Mile Rddpsbuilding
Madison Heights, MI 48071
Phone Number: (248) 589-2294
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Jeffrey L. Mueller - Assistant City Manager/DPS Director

Statement of Services: The Department of Public Services is responsible for the City's infrastructure as well as programming for recreation and the City's senior population.  The Department is comprised of the several divisions shown at left.  These divisions cover roads and streets, water distribution and service, solid waste disposal and recycling, parks and grounds maintenance, building maintenance the City's Nature Center, recreation and senior programming, fleet maintenance, and custodial maintenance.  Services are provided by a combination of City staff and contractors.

If you have questions that are not answered within the appropriate division page, try clicking on the FAQs button at left, which covers frequently asked questions about a variety of general topics of interest to residents.

IMPORTANT Storm Update

The City of Madison Heights thanks you for your patience as it relates to cleanup of storm damaged trees. The City of Madison Heights was one of the hardest hit areas in the State. In addition to our DPS staff, the City has brought in a private contractor to aid with the cleanup. The first priority is to take care of dangerous trees and then we will conduct a complete sweep of the entire community. If you feel there is a public tree that is dangerous, please contact the Department of Public Services at 248-589-2294. It would also be appreciated if you could help clean up leaves, small twigs and branches in front of your home as these cannot be picked up by the street sweeper and could clog the street drains. Also please note, DTE has tree contractors removing limbs from their lines, but they are not removing the limbs from yards. The City of Madison Heights WILL chip those branches as long as they are moved curbside. Lastly, this service will be FREE of charge to all City residents until all branches have been removed from the storm.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and patience! 

2014 Road Weight Restrictions

The following weight restrictions have been lifted as of 6:00 AM on April 28, 2014.

During the months of March and April during Spring Weight Restrictions in each
year, the maximum axle loadings allowable on concrete pavements or pavements with a
concrete base is reduced by 25%from the normal (not weight restricted maximum)
loading maximums. The normal loading axle maximums on all other types of roads
during these months are reduced 35%from the maximum axle loads as specified in MCL

Speed restrictions will be enforced for trucks over 10,000 pounds or more during the
period when reduced loadings are being enforced in accordance with MCL 257.627.

Designated Roads(25% weight reduction)
John R from Red Run Drain to 10 Mile Road
Stephenson from 12 Mile Road to 14 Mile Road
Campbell from 12 Mile Road to 14 Mile Road
All of 11 Mile Road & 13 Mile Road

Normal Roads (35% weight reduction)

List of roads can be found here.

Snow Plow Safety Video - Courtesy of Rochester Hills


Have you seen a City Street Light that needs Repair?

Residents can report streetlight outages by  filling out a Street Light Repair Request. The outages can also be reported by calling the City's Department of Public Services at 248-589-2294.


The Department of Public Services, the Nature Center and the Senior Center all offer gift certificates from $5 - $100. These are great ideas for those who are hard to buy for on your list! Purchase these at each building.  In addition to gift certificates, the DPS and Nature Center have a variety of golf shirts, sweatshirts and t-shirts. Inventory varies. 

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Bear Creek Display at City Hall & Library!
Please stop by the City Hall Lobby or Library to see the Bear Creek Clean Water Initiative's display promoting protection of Bear Creek, which is the stretch of the Clinton River connecting Center Line, Hazel Park, Madison Heights, and Warren.  For more info, visit the Bear Creek web site at or the Clinton River Watershed Council at
What is it that touches the life of each and every person in Madison Heights each and every day? Did you take a shower, wash a dish, run under the hose, or just get a drink of cold clean water today?
We’re sure you did, but did you stop to think of how much is involved in providing you with all of the pure clean water you need every day? Did you stop at an intersection, ride over a smooth new concrete patch or cross safely at a crosswalk?
Once again, you probably did, but who makes sure that the roadway is kept clean and drivable, and traffic moves safely from place to place with proper signage and lane markings? The answer is the Department of Public Services!