Motor Pool Division


Phone Number: (248) 589-2294.

Division Supervisor: Terry McGran 

Statement of Services:  The Motor Pool Division is responsible for maintaining all City vehicles and related equipment.  The Division keeps individual records on each vehicle and piece of equipment to help determine whether cost of repair is justified.  The equipment is also inspected for safety problems, protecting the employees and the general public.

The Motor Pool Division is also responsible for keeping adequate vehicle and equipment parts in stock and updated.  The Motor Pool Division orders gasoline and diesel fuel and oversees the work done on all emergency backup generators.

Division Facts:

  • Over 275 vehicles maintained - from weed whips to fire trucks, police cars to large loaders.
  • Motor Pool is run by 3 full-time employees with 90 years of combined experience.
  • Specialized training enables mechanics to repair equipment that in other municipalities would be sent out for repair.