Yard Waste BagIn 2016, yard waste collection will begin March 28th and run through November 9th.

NOTE: If you have yard waste/compost after November 9th, you are required to store it until the next composting season in April.

Madison Heights was one of the first communities in the area to offer comprehensive recycling and composting programs. 

You may use any can (32 gallons or smaller) that has approved compost stickers on it or paper compost bags. Free stickers will be available at City Hall, Public Services, and the Library.   We ask that one sticker be placed on each side of the compost can. Compost cans and paper compost bags may only be used for grass, leaves and pencil thin trimmings. No garbage!

When you place your garbage and compost out for garbage day, please separate the compost can or bags from the garbage can by about 3 feet.  The best way to handle your grass clippings is to not collect them. Grass clippings are good for your lawn!  It is a lot less hassle and saves your tax dollars. NO PLASTIC BAGS FOR GRASS:  As in years past, grass clippings will NOT be picked up in plastic bags of any kind. Grass clippings will only be picked up in approved reusable compost cans or paper compost bags.