Division Supervisor: Sean P. Ballantine
coldpatchPhone: (248) 589-2294

Corey Almas is the Streets and Facilities Division Coordinator.

Statement of Services: 

The Streets Division is responsible for the maintenance of 106 miles of major and local streets. The division handles all street cleaning, pothole patching, snow and ice removal, right-of-way tree trimming, assessment and removal of declining or unsafe trees, and street signage and pavement marking.

Pothole Reporting - Twitter  

See a pothole in Madison Heights-take a picture and note the location and tag #madhtsfix on Twitter to report potholes in real-time. Our goal is to improve customer service, communicate more effectively, and provide another avenue for our residents to report a pothole.


Madison Heights offers several ways to contact us for this service! You can:
- Call DPS at (248) 589-2294
- Use the Online RFS sheet
- Send us a tweet! Just use hashtag #madhtsfix.
DPS work crews will be dispatched to take care of the pothole, and keep your ride smooth and safe

Have you seen a street light that needs repair?
Click Here to report street light outages to the City. The outages also can be reported by calling the City's Department of Public Services at 248-589-2294.

snowplowSnow Removal Procedure

As it relates to our subdivision roads and snow removal, there are two classifications of subdivision roads, Priority Two and Priority Three.  Many years ago, the City selected certain roads within each subdivision as collector roads and marked them as Priority Two streets.  These provide a method for residents to be able to be close to a cleared road to exit their subdivision.  In many cases they are also by schools.  For snows of 3" or less, the City will salt intersections and priority two roads.

For snows of 4" or more, a Snow Emergency will be called by the Police Chief and the City will plow every street in the City.  A Snow Emergency requires all cars to be off parked off of the road so that plow trucks can clear the road.  This allows crews to clear roads very quickly, normally within 12 hours of a major storm, depending upon the amount of snow.  Residents shoud be aware, however, that this will require snow to be pushed from the road onto the easements along the road which includes homeowner driveway approaches.

Knowing that the streets will be plowed allows residents to decide when they wish to clear their own driveway and if they would rather clear it several times to reduce the heavy load later.  It is commonly known that snow removal services in Madison Heights are the best around. 

Click Here for More Information on Snow Emergencies and Snow & Ice Removal!

DPS Salt Dome

Division Facts:

  • There are 336 lane-miles of road in Madison Heights. Stretched out, this would reach from Toledo to Mackinac!
  • 4,500 tons of leaves are collected annually, the combined weight of about 1,800 cars!
  • 3,500 tons of salt are used per winter to keep Madison Heights roads clear and safe. To compare, a person normally eats about three pounds of salt per year.