Parks Division
Phone Number: (248) 589-2294
Division Supervisor: Sean P. Ballantine


Statement of Services: The Parks Division is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of City parks, the Red Oaks Youth Soccer Complex, and the grounds of all City-owned properties through a combined effort of City staff and contractors. The Division prepares athletic fields, coordinates tree plantings, provides support for special events, and provides sidewalk, trail, and parking lot maintenance to all City facilities in the winter.


Division Facts:

  • The division is responsible for 12 City parks, and has partnered with Red Oaks County Parks to share responsibilities at the Nature Center and Soccer Complex.
  • 1 football field, 11 soccer fields, and 18 ballfields (9 City, 4 Little League, 5 School) prepared and maintained throughout the year.
  • 12 playground areas routinely inspected and maintained.
Recreation Master Plan 2015-19
The Madison Heights Parks and Recreation Plan was updated in 2015 to meet the standards for approval by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). An approved plan makes a community eligible to apply for funding through the Grants Section of the DNR to assist in the acquisition and/or development of property for parks and recreation purposes. Approved plans are developed to cover a time frame of 5 years. Since 1972, the City has secured 6 grants from the MDNR including the development of Rosie’s, Ambassador, and Civic Center Parks, the acquisition of Simonds Woods, construction of the Nature Center at Suarez Woods, and acquisition of additional acreage. In addition to background information and analysis, the plan includes a Recreation Needs Analysis, Planning Process, Goals & Objectives, and Action Program that proposes specific projects for each of the 5 years of the plan. On February 23, 2015 this plan was approved by the City Council. 
Complete Plan (5.03 MB)
Chapter 1 - Community Description(550 KB)
Chapter 2 - Administrative Structure (341 KB)
Chapter 3 - Recreation Inventory (387 KB)
- City of Madison Heights Facilities (564 KB)
- Partnerships and Barrier Free Analysis (298 KB)
- Madison Heights School Facilities (206 KB)
- Regional Recreation Facilities (512 KB)
Chapter 4 - Recreation Needs Analysis (486 KB)
Chapter 5 - Planning Process (432 KB)
Chapter 6 - Goals & Objectives (292 KB)
Chapter 7 - Action Program (329 KB)
Appendix (212 KB)
- Resolution of Adoption (1.68 MB)
- Press Release and Public Notices (338 KB)
- Meeting Minutes (381 KB)
- Transmittals (1.14 MB)
- Survey Results and Workshop Summary (556 KB)
- Recreation Deficiencies (233 KB)