Historical Commission

PURPOSE: To collect and preserve historical material relating to the history of the City and surrounding area.


Ordinance 723 of 02-27-84
Ordinance 730 of 05-14-84
Ordinance 833 of 08-08-88 - Code Section 2-293
Ordinance 1013 of 11-26-01 - Code Section 2-294.

COMPOSITION: 14 Members and Library Director TERM: 3 years (members-at-large)

January, April, and October
6:30 pm.
Main Library


Name Term Expires Position
Alyssa Bottrell 02-28-18  Member-at-Large
Donna Dalling 02-28-18  Member-at-Large
Lila Richards 02-28-18  Member-at-Large
Cheryl Suiter 02-28-18  Member-at-Large
Patricia Ross 02-28-18  Member-at-Large
Martha Kehoe 02-28-19  Member-at-Large
Tony Bliss 02-28-19  Member-at-Large
Justin Suzrez 02-28-19  Member-at-Large
Deliza Lee 02-28-19  Member-at-Large
Dolly Ferries 02-28-20  Member-at-Large
Joy Davids 02-28-20  Member-at-Large
Rita A. Dickel 02-28-20  Member-at-Large
Vacant 02-28-20  Member-at-Large
Vacant 02-28-20  Member-at-Large
Margene Scott 11-13-17  Council Representative
Roslyn Yerman    Library Director

QUALIFICATIONS:  Members-at-Large must be Madison Heights residents

CONTACT:  City Clerk's Office at (248) 583-0826

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Oral Histories: You Are Living History

Part of the work of the Historical Commission deals with collecting and protecting the histories of our families. Although you may not realize it, you are a living part of Madison Heights history. If your residency in Madison Heights (or previously with Royal Oak Township) has lasted for more than 30 years, you have been a witness to the remarkable growth and development of the area. We are always interested in adding to our collection of oral history interviews with residents. Therefore, we are interested in your story. You have an original perspective of events that have occurred, insight into activities through

the years, and actual experience as you have been part of Madison Heights's aging process.

Are you willing to talk to us? Do you know someone else who might be interested in participating?

Simply call or e-mail City Library Director Roslyn Yerman at (248) 588-7763 for more information.

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