City of Madison Heights Goal Plan


Each fall the City Department Heads, City Manager and City Council undertake a review of the overall City priorities and direction.  Working through the months of November and December, the existing Goal Plan is reviewed, and new goal proposals are developed and evaluated.  The process ends with the formal adoption of the organization mission statement, goals and strategic work plans

 In Fiscal Year 2009-10, an annual process began, culminating in the Adopted Budget, to identify revenue enhancements, and expenditure reductions, call Gap Reduction Measures, needed to keep the City’s budget in balance in response to the state wide funding crisis and its effect on the City.  Included here are the Gap Reduction Measures from each fiscal year.


Archive (PDF)

2013-14 Gap Measures

2012-13 Gap Measures

2011-12 Gap Measures

2010-11 Gap Measures

2009-10 Gap Measures

2009-10 Goal Plan

2008-09 Goal Plan

2007-08 Goal Plan

2006-07 Goal Plan

2005-06 Goal Plan

2004-05 Goal Plan

2003-04 Goal Plan

2002-03 Goal Plan

2001-02 Goal Plan