Madison Heights Television Latest Videos

MHTV-125The City of Madison Heights is pleased to present the following informational videos on special topics of interest. Using the newly created Media Center, you can watch your community's videos 24/7. Searching through the channel options, choosing the video, checking the recently added video, you can find up-to-the-minute live streaming broadcasts or videos.

To view archived council videos click Here.

MHTV Live Stream

Madison Heights City Council Meeting -January 23, 2017

Madison Heights City Council Meeting -January 9, 2017

Madison Heights City Council Meeting December 12, 2016

Oakway Informational Video

2015 eCities Best Practice Communities: UM-Dearborn iLabs

Madison Heights Memorial Day Parade 05-23-15

People Powered Transportation and Sidewalk Repair Program Video

Your Building Department

Neighborhood Road Improvements