About the Madison Heights Police Department

The Madison Heights Police Department strives to preserve and protect life and property in Madison Heights through its four operating bureaus.

Road Patrol Bureau

The majority of the Department's staffing, equipment and financial resources are allocated to the Road Patrol Bureau. The Bureau's role is to:

  • Maintain Order
  • Respond to Emergencies and Calls for Assistance
  • Suppress Crime

Investigative Bureau

The Investigative Bureau includes trained professional investigators who are responsible for the researching, solving and successful prosecution of crimes.

Crime Prevention is everyone's responsibility. Law Enforcement must have support from Citizens to prevent and to continue to fight crime in Madison Heights.

Accident Investigation

The Accident Investigation Team's officers, through training in traffic and motor carrier enforcement, work to reduce traffic accidents by determining causes and making recommendations for changes in traffic regulations and enforcing overweight vehicle restriction.

The Police Department also maintains an education program in many of these areas through contacts with various citizens' groups and speaking engagements.

Police Reserves Unit

The primary function of the Madison Heights Police Reserve Unit is to aid and assist the sworn certified Police Officers of the City. This has been accomplished by agreeing to handle certain functions and responsibilities. Assuming these responsibilities gives the Police Department more time to do their patrol duties.

Police Department Documents