Department of Public Services

Statement of Services

The Department of Public Services is responsible for the City’s infrastructure as well as programming for recreation and the City’s senior population. The general duties of the Department are broken down into several divisions, covering engineering, roads and streets, snow and ice removal, water and sewer distribution and service, solid waste collection, disposal, and recycling, parks and grounds maintenance, building and facilities maintenance, recreation and senior programming, fleet maintenance, and custodial services.

These services are provided by a fully cross-trained staff comprised of the former Streets and Facilities Division, and Water and Sewer Division, in conjunction with specialized contractors.

Department of Public Services & You

What is it that touches the life of each and every person in Madison Heights each and every day? Did you take a shower, wash a dish, run under the hose, or just get a drink of cold clean water today? We’re sure you did, but did you stop to think of how much is involved in providing you with all of the pure clean water you need every day? Did you stop at an intersection, ride over a smooth new concrete patch or cross safely at a crosswalk? Once again, you probably did, but who makes sure that the roadway is kept clean and drivable, and traffic moves safely from place to place with proper signage and lane markings? The answer is the Department of Public Services!

Street Light Repair Request

Have you seen a City Street Light that needs Repair?

Residents can report streetlight outages by filling out a Street Light Repair Request. The outages can also be reported by calling the City's Department of Public Services at 248-589-2294.
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