Current Sidewalk Repair Program

During the 2013 5-year review of the Master Plan the Planning Commission discussed non-motorized transportation as a possible area for further consideration. The current 12-Year Sidewalk Gap and Repair Program was completed in 2014. Accordingly, the Planning Commission decided to consider both the annual sidewalk repair program as well as incorporate non-motorized transportation elements into a new recommended Policy for City Council consideration.

Work on the Policy was timed so that City Council could consider a recommended Policy from the Planning Commission in the spring / summer of 2014, well in advance of Capital Improvement Planning for the 2015 construction season.

Map Reviews

To initiate this discussion, staff developed a number of maps and graphics that were reviewed by the Planning Commission at several meetings. Staff reviewed the history of the sidewalk repair program, the current Sidewalk Gap Program, non-motorized transportation opportunities in the City, as well as adjacent community sidewalk / bike path connectivity.


The People Powered Transportation and Sidewalk Repair Program that was developed proposed several key changes including:
  • Elimination of SAD funding for annual repairs (Use SAD revolving fund and Major / Local Road funds).
  • Creation of new 8-Year annual repair program.
  • Inclusion of on / off-street non-motorized transportation elements to be installed on same 8-year cycle.
The City's administrative Public Construction Project Coordination Meeting agenda included a review of the People Powered Transportation and Sidewalk Repair Program. This administrative committee meets periodically during the year to review the status of public road, sidewalk and utility projects, as well as plan for future infrastructure projects. The committee is made up of Community Development, Public Services, Police, Fire, Finance and City Manager staff, as well as the City's consulting engineers - Nowak and Fraus.

The Traffic Safety Committee (Fire Chief, Police Chief, Assistant City Manager and Community Development Director) and City Consulting Engineer also reviewed the policy.


The Planning Commission held a public workshop on the proposed Program. In addition to a legal notice, two articles in the Madison Park News highlighted the workshop. Information on the program was also posted at City Hall and the Library, as well as on the web. Four residents attended the workshop and provided supportive feedback, with no substantive changes suggested. Following the Workshop, the Planning Commission unanimously recommended that City Council approve the proposed program as presented.

On May 12, 2014, City Council unanimously approved the People Powered Transportation and Sidewalk Repair Program.

View the People Powered Transportation and Sidewalk Repair Program Policy and Map (PDF)

Please refer any questions to the Community Development Department at 248-583-0831.