Water & Sewer Division

Statement of Services

The Water and Sewer Division is responsible for providing water distribution and sewer collection to citizens and businesses. The process begins with the purchase of water from the Great Lakes Water Authority. The Water and Sewer Division handles the installation, repair and reading of all water meters.

The Division performs all repair work on water and sewer mains; gatewells; maintenance hole and catch basin structures; all cleaning of sewer mains, catch basins, gatewells and culverts; and all other related services. The Division handles all repair work including pavement and landscape repairs arising from water main breaks and/or sewer trench settlement. The process ends with the City paying the Oakland County Water Resources Commission for the treatment of sewage that enters its facilities.

Consumer Confidence Report

The City of Madison Heights wants you to know that your tap water is safe to drink, and that it meets or surpasses all federal and state standards for quality and safety. Check out the most recent Consumer Confidence Report.

Division Facts


  • 1,300 commercial water connections to city watermain
  • 1.6 billion gallons used per year by Madison Heights residents and businesses. Enough to fill 150,000 backyard swimming pools
  • 131 miles of watermain in the City
  • 9,600 residential water connections to city watermain
  • Main breaks average 65 per year. Most repaired in under 2 hours
  • Over 6,000 lineal feet of watermain are replaced each year or the length of 20 football fields


  • 7,000 manholes in the City. Sanitary, storm, and water gate wells
  • The Division cleans over 100,000 lineal feet of sanitary sewer per year and 4,200 catch basins in the City

Lead Water Service Lines in Madison Heights

If not received already, all residents and businesses will be receiving the Lead Water Service Lines Notice (PDF) in the mail. Please call the Department of Public Services at 248-589-2294 with any questions.