People Powered Transportation Plan

Section 22-2.1 of the Code of Ordinances provides that City Council shall, from time to time as the need may require, adopt or change by resolution the uniform policies or procedures of the City with reference to special assessments within the City. This policy supersedes all prior policies of the City of Madison Heights in regard to sidewalk repairs and gaps and special assessments to cover the costs thereof.

Definition of Terms

  • Bike Route - On-Street bicycle route called for on the PPTP Map.
  • Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) - City Council's 5-year plan for capital improvements, as updated annually, and included in the City's Adopted Fiscal Year Budget.
  • MMUTCD - Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  • New Development - All projects that require site plan review, plat (subdivision review), or a building permit.
  • PPTP - People Powered Transportation and Sidewalk Repair Program - This Policy as adopted and amended by City Council
  • Sidewalk - Any sidewalk adjoining a public street, not including cross-walks or portions of driveways between the street and the proposed or existing sidewalk.
  • Sidewalk Gap - Any portion of any site where there is no public sidewalk adjacent to an existing public street right of way that is currently developed and used as a public road, or where any portion of the existing public sidewalk is not constructed to the standards set forth in Article 23, Division 2.1 Sidewalks, of the City Code.
  • Walk / Ride Sharepath - A sidewalk adjacent to a City Major Street designated by this Policy for placement of joint use signage for pedestrians and bicyclists in conformance with the Michigan Vehicle Code (257.660c).

Compliance with the American's With Disabilities Act (ADA)

All sidewalks, bike paths and walk / ride sharepaths shall comply with the ADA.

Estimation of Project Costs

The City Engineer, in accordance with Section 22-4 of the Code of Ordinance, shall determine the estimated costs of all bike route, walk / ride sharepath, sidewalk, repair and gap construction.

View a printable copy of the People Powered Transportation and Sidewalk Repair Program text and map (PDF)