Refuse & Recycling

Trash Bags for Sale

Garbage bags are available for $18 per box. A box contains 100, 30-gallon plastic bags that are heavy duty. Bags may be purchased at Water and Treasury at City Hall. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Special Services

If you want something picked up that is not normally picked up, call GFL Environmental at 844-464-3587. They will give you a price on disposal. You may also call and arrange for disposal at a landfill yourself.
  1. Garage / Basement Clean-Out

    If you have collected items over the years and are interested in cleaning them out, instead of putting them out all at once, help the workers on the truck and put out some of the junk neatly each week for several weeks.

  2. Holiday Schedule

    View the Department of Public Services holiday and other important dates schedule.

  3. Household Hazardous Waste

    Appointments to drop off your household hazardous waste can be made by contacting Environmental Quality (EQ) of Detroit, Inc.

  4. Medical Sharps

    Do not place loose needles in your trash. It is against the law.

  5. Recreational Vehicle Waste Dump Stations

    View a list of dump stations in Michigan.

  6. Recycling in the Heights

    Recycling is mandatory in Madison Heights.

  7. Refuse in the Heights

    Read guidelines to follow as you prepare your refuse for pickup.

  8. Rubbish Ordinance

    The City's Rubbish Ordinance only allows for containers with a maximum capacity of 32 gallons.