Boards & Commissions A - H

  1. Board of Review

    View a listing of the current board members and learn about the responsibilities of the board.

  2. Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

    The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority assists property owners and businesses redevelop sites that have environmental contamination.

  3. Charter Amendment & Ordinance Revision Committee

    This committee serves in an advisory capacity to the City Council by reviewing the Charter and Code of Ordinances and submitting its recommendations.

  4. City School Liaison Committee

    The City School Liaison Committee acts as Liaison Committee between the City and the school districts.

  5. Civil Service Commission

    The Civil Service Commission acts, in accordance with Act 78 of Public Acts of 1935, to provide a system for examination and investigation to the merit, efficiency and fitness for appointment, employment and promotion of all sworn fire and police officers.

  6. Community Development Block Grant Review Committee

    This committee acts in advisory capacity for Federal Community Development Block Grant funds and to review special requests for exceptions to the established loans and/or grants programs.

  7. Construction Board of Appeals

    The Construction Board of Appeals hears, and acts upon, all appeals under the Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Fire Prevention Codes of the City of Madison Heights.

  8. Crime Commission

    The Crime Commission works to study the crime situation in the City, to make recommendations for its prevention and elimination and to develop citizen cooperation in law enforcement. Each member must be a registered voter of the City.

  9. Downtown Development Authority

    The Downtown Development Authority works to halt and eliminate property value deterioration, increase property tax values, and promote economic growth within this business district of the City.

  10. Elected Officials Compensation Commission

    This commission works to review the salaries of the Mayor and Council and issue salary orders based on State law.

  11. Environmental Citizens Committee

    The purpose if this committee is to advise and assist the City on environmental programs, educate and encourage citizen participation in programs to improve the environment and coordinate programs and projects referred by the City Council.

  12. Historical Commission

    The Historical Commission works to collect and preserve historical material relating to the history of the City and surrounding area.