Downtown Development Authority

Regular Meetings

  • 8 a.m.
  • 2nd Tuesday of January, April, August and November
  • City Hall
    300 W Thirteen Mile Road
    Madison Heights, MI 48071

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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DDA Boundaries


Current Roster

Name Term Expires Position
Brian Hartwell 11-11-19 Mayor
Melissa Marsh 11-11-19 Member-at-Large
*Joseph Keys 02-28-20 Member-at-Large
*Ruth Charlebois 02-28-20 Member-at-Large
*Michael Sheppard 02-28-20 Member-at-Large
Keri Valmassei 02-28-21 Member-at-Large
*Lenea Renshaw 02-28-21 Member-at-Large (Vice Chair)
*Daniel Johnson 02-28-21 Member-at-Large
Rickey Busler 02-28-22 Member-at-Large
Marlene Spreitzer 02-28-22 Member-at-Large
*Yousif Jarbo 02-28-22 Member-at-Large
*Michael Van Buren 02-28-23 Member-at-Large (Chair)
*Johnny John 02-28-23 Member-at-Large


The Downtown Development Authority works to halt and eliminate property value deterioration, increase property tax values, and promote economic growth within this business district of the City.

Membership Information


Members are appointed by the Mayor.


Members serve 4 year terms.

About the Authority

In June 1997, the Madison Heights City Council created the Downtown Development Authority or "DDA." under the authority of Public Act 197 of the State of Michigan. The 13-member board is comprised of local business owners and property owners who have volunteered for the mission of revitalizing the John R and Eleven Mile Road Business District. The Downtown Development Authority was established to correct and prevent stagnation and deterioration within the south end commercial business district.

The Authority established boundaries which include property abutting John R Road from Gardenia to Ten Mile Road and abutting Eleven Mile Road from I-75 to Lorenz. The properties are primarily zoned and used for commercial and industrial purposes. The Authority's main priorities include eliminating blight influences and undertaking projects that will encourage new businesses to locate, and existing businesses to remain in the area.

The DDA, with assistance from the Community Development Department, continues to assist business owners in improving their properties. These improvements will serve the public purpose by enhancing the district and increasing property values.


The DDA's mission includes:
  • Build interest in existing businesses
  • Create employment opportunities
  • Create visual appeal in the commercial and industrial frontage by enhancing building facades as well as street and landscape areas
  • Develop a positive image of the district which will improve retail and commercial activity
  • Eliminate blight
  • Encourage new businesses to locate in the district

About the Projects

All DDA projects are paid for through growth of the tax base, and do not impact city services or local schools. Tax revenues for all taxing jurisdictions will also grow once vacant properties are occupied by new businesses that replace existing blighted ones.

The key to success in the district is a cooperative effort between businesses, property owners, local residents, and the City. Support and patronize shops in the DDA. It's good business! Contact the Economic Development Supervisor, Giles Tucker, by phone at 248-583-0831 or by email for more information.

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