Parks & Recreation Advisory Board


  • 5:30 pm
  • 3rd Thursday in January, March, May, July, September, November
    • City Hall  - Executive Conference Room
      • (unless scheduled elsewhere in accordance with Open Meetings Act)
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Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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Current Roster

Name Term Expires Position
Robert Corbett 11-11-19 Council Representative
Mark Bliss 11-11-19 Council Alternate
Jerry Dzeroogian 04-15-19 Member-at-Large (Chair)
Brian Gettel 04-15-19 Member-at-Large
Ronald Butcher 04-15-19 Member-at-Large
Jeremy Carroll 04-15-19 Member-at-Large
Earl T. Stone 04-15-20 Member-at-Large
Emily Rohrbach 04-15-20 Member-at-Large
Joshua Schroder 04-15-20 Member-at-Large
Sandra Quackenbush 04-15-19 Alternate #1
Jenna Yuhase 04-15-20 Alternate #2
School Representatives    
Robert Borngesser 04-15-19 Lamphere Delegate
Vacant 04-15-19 Lamphere Alternate
Lauren Mexico 04-15-19 Lamphere Student
Vacant 04-15-19 Madison School Delegate
Vacant 04-15-20 Madison School Alternate
Vacant 04-15-20 Madison School Student


To promote an outstanding recreational programs for the citizens in the City.

Creation / Authorization

Membership Information


  • 13 Members and 3 Ex-Officio Members:
    • 1 Council Representative
    • 1 High School Student - Bishop Foley
    • 1 High School Student - Lamphere
    • 1 High School Student - Madison
    • 1 Lamphere School District Representative
    • 1 Madison School District Representative
    •  7 members-at-large appointed by Mayor
    • Assistant City Manager (DPS) (Ex-Officio - Non-Voting)
    • Recreation Coordinator (Ex Officio - Non-Voting)
    • Oakland County Park & Recreation (Ex Officio - Non-Voting)


2 years (members-at-large)


Members-at-Large must be Madison Heights residents.


City Clerk's Office at 248-583-0826.

Additional Information

In pursuit of its objective to provide outstanding recreational opportunities for the City, the Advisory Board shall serve as:
  1. A forum for the careful consideration of policy matters related to the operation of the recreation and parks programs;
  2. A voice for the divisions in the community and a voice for the community in the divisions;
  3. An advisory to the supervisors when requested; and
  4. A recommending body to the city council on matters of general policy
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