City Strategic Plan

In the fall, the City Department Heads, City Manager and City Council undertake a review of the overall City priorities and direction. This strategic planning exercise takes the form of reviewing the current Goal Plan and developing and evaluating new goal proposals for the coming year. The process ends with the formal adoption of the organizational mission statement, goals and strategic work plans in December.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting Process

The goal setting process began in the early 2000s and continued until 2009 when the Great Recession and state-wide funding crisis caused a shift toward identifying revenue enhancements and expenditure reductions, called Gap Reduction Measures or Gap Measures for short, in order to keep the City's Budget in balance.

Formal Gap Measures were included in the City's Adopted Budget until Fiscal Year 2015 when the City began the transition back to a formal goal setting process with two years of including Departmental Budget Priorities in the Adopted Budget. Formal goal setting began again in Fiscal Year 2017.

The City's Goal Plans, Budget Priorities, and Gap Measures are available to view in our Archive Center.