1. ACH Direct Pay Form

    Sign up for direct pay using our online form or a PDF form.

  2. Address Change

    Submit a form to change your mailing address.

  3. Application for Absentee Voter Ballot (PDF)

    Access the form needed to register as an absentee voter.

  4. Apply for a Board or Commission

    Apply to serve on a board or commission in Madison Heights.

  5. Apply for a Free Smoke Detector

    The Fire Department offers free smoke detectors to senior citizens and low income families.

  1. Apply to be an Election Inspector

    Access an online form or PDF form and apply to be an election inspector.

  2. Message Board Request

    Submit a request to have your message appear on the message board in City Hall.

  3. Request for Service

    Submit a request for service on your property or another property.

  4. Street Light Repair Request

    If a street light in your area needs repaired, submit the request online.