ACH Direct Pay Form

With Direct Payment for water and sewer bills, customers can save time by having their water/sewer bill payments automatically debited from their checking or savings account without having to write checks. Each billing period you will receive a bill that states "Do not Pay, payment made by Direct Pay" which means the City will debit your checking or savings account as directed by you for the amount of the payment.

Direct payment for Water and Sewer bills is the most secure, guaranteed way to pay bills because the payments are made on time every time - it's a great way to save money by avoiding paying postage, penalties or service shut-off.


Enrollment is easy! Simply complete steps 1 through 5 on the Direct Pay Enrollment Form (PDF) and mail it to the City of Madison Heights or deliver in person to the Treasury Office at City Hall. Then, allow 60 days for processing and continue to pay as you normally would until you receive a notification on your bill that the service is active. You can also fill out the form online, however you still must wait 60 days for the activation. You will be notified on your bill! It's fast and secure!

Once you enroll your enrollment will stay effective each month until you send a written notice to the City to discontinue this service! This is not a method for 1 time online payment.