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Message Board Guidelines

Any individual or organization that wishes to have a message aired on 1 or both of the Madison Heights Electronic Message Boards (along 13 Mile Road at the Civic Center Complex and along John R Road at the Senior Center Building) shall be subject to the following rules and regulations:
  1. The electronic message board is available to the general public to submit messages for a $10 fee per sign for a one-day message and $20 fee per sign for a 1-week message. Madison Heights residency is not mandatory. Individuals are limited to four messages a month. In acknowledgment of the monetary contribution from the Madison Heights Community Roundtable (MHCRT) toward the purchase and installation of the Civic Center Message Board, MHCRT members are exempt from the fee as pertaining to the Civic Center Message Board.
  2. The message board will not be available for commercial or industrial advertising, advertising of in-home business or homes / property for sale, or political fundraiser information. Other prohibited messages include those that are illegal, sexually explicit, offensive, or obscene, or those that violate any of the City's equal opportunity or anti-discrimination / harassment policies.
  3. Types of messages that are acceptable include garage sale advertisements, birthday or anniversary acknowledgements, and acknowledgement of special occasions, such as new jobs, promotions, retirements, or birth of a child.
  4. Message requests should be submitted with payment to the City Manager's office in person or by mail, and are subject to approval by either the Human Resources Director, or if not available, the Director of Administrative Services, with payment accepted in the Finance Department (payable to the City of Madison Heights) upon approval of the message. In those instances where immediate approval is not available, the fee will be collected, and refunded if the message is ultimately denied.
  5. Non-City messages will be input on a weekly basis, and must be submitted with payment by the close of business on Tuesday in order to begin running on the following Tuesday. Messages will run for either a single day or a seven-day period, dependent on the type of message (a birthday acknowledgement as opposed to a get well wish). Seven-day messages can be designated to begin running on any day of the week for which the message is scheduled.
  6. A maximum of four lines is available, with the number of characters dependent on font size or capitalization. No graphics or logos. Abbreviations may be used for space constraints, and the City reserves the right to edit, remove, or reject any request. Non-City messages become part of the regular message queue.
  7. The duration of individual messages (i.e. currently 30 seconds) is governed by Section 10.511 of the City's Zoning Ordinance. Refunds will be considered in the even of mechanical problems.