Groups for Which No Fee is Charged

  • County, state and federal offices requesting usage for business use
  • Meeting of Madison Heights non-profit (501 C3) political, educational organizations
  • Organizations where all members reside in Madison Heights (i.e. sports leagues, condo associations, etc.)
  • Programs sponsored by the City
  • Service clubs that reside in Madison Heights

Groups for Which $20 an Hour / Minimum of 2 Hours Will Be Charged

  • Any adult* group/club providing an activity to make money for the club/group
  • Any adult* group desiring to have instructional or social activity for their own benefit where a fee is assessed to participants
  • Any non-profit groups (must provide a copy of 501-C3 documentation) that do not reside in Madison Heights (this would include organizations such as Toy Dog Club, Trout Unlimited, etc.)

Groups for Which $30 an Hour / Minimum of 2 Hours Will Be Charged

  • Any group not comprised of 75% Madison Heights residents
  • Any group originating from a commercial, manufacturing or industrial establishment for employment of such establishments such as union meetings, company staff meetings
  • Groups other than civic, cultural, educational, political groups, deriving personal or financial gain such as sales meetings, investment clubs, training sessions, etc.

Additional Fees

  • All City Meeting Rooms are non-smoking
  • Any form of gambling and the usage of any alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the usage of any City meeting rooms
  • No food allowed in City Meeting Rooms
*Anyone reserving a meeting room must be a minimum of 21 years old.