Little Free Libraries

City Council approved the implementation of the Little Free Library Book Exchange Program as part of the 2018 fiscal year goal plan. While the goal proposal called for two Little Free Libraries to be established in Huffman and Rosie's Parks, interest in this project by the community has been overwhelmingly positive, with residents and groups interested in building and locating Little Free Libraries throughout the City.

Those interested in having a Little Free Library installed in a City Park or other location should contact the Library Director. DPS staff will be responsible for installation. Materials guidelines are available, along with a disclaimer. The resident or group will be responsible for maintaining the Little Free Library, and will need to provide the Library Director with a representative contact number. A file will be maintained of Little Free Libraries throughout the City, along with the signed and witnessed disclaimers, and the contact information associated with each. Hard copies of the Little Free Libraries informational packet are available at the Library and can be downloaded here.

Red Oaks Soccer Complex Little Free Library

Rust City Free Little Library.04

Huffman Park Little Free Library


NEW! GFWC Madison Heights Women's Club Little Free Library (In the George Suarez Friendship Woods near Red Oaks Nature Center)

little free library new

Madison Early Childhood Center Little Free Library

mecc LFL

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Rosie's Park Little Free Library

Rosies Library

Civic Center Park Little Free Library

Civic Library

Bill Gravel Park Little Free Library


12 & Sherry Little Free Library

12 Sherry LFL

Lamphere Administration Building Little Free Library

LFL Japhet