Public Safety Operations Report


In light of the recent events in our country and discussions surrounding police reforms at both the federal and state level, we have reviewed the current operations of the City of Madison Heights Police Department (MHPD). Specifically, we have evaluated our operations with the recommendations of Campaign Zero and analyzed our current and recent past efforts to modernize our policing practices. Items that are to be implemented as a result of this report are indicated as “ACTION ITEMS”.

What is Campaign Zero? Campaign Zero is a police reform campaign proposed by activists associated with Black Lives Matter. The plan consists of ten proposals, all of which are aimed at reducing police violence. Many of the policies it recommends are already in place as best practice policies of our police department and will be detailed throughout this report.

Campaign Zero


Madison Heights has been proactive in implementing professional policing best standards and will continuing to do so as they fit our needs and community policing efforts of the department and community. We will be tracking the action items detailed in this report, reporting back to City Council periodically.