Civic Plaza Art Exhibit

The City of Madison Heights and the Madison Heights Arts Board invites Madison Heights’s cultural community to present proposals to exhibit art throughout our newly renovated City Hall,  Library and newly constructed Active Adult Center. There are a lot of great artists associated with the City of Madison Heights, and we want to give them a platform to enhance our newly designed public spaces and showcase their work. 

MH Art Exhibit

The Civic Plaza Art Exhibit is an exhibit program that transforms the public corridors of City Hall, Library, and eventually the brand new Active Adult Center into a platform for the arts! 

Applicants must live in the State of Michigan. Individuals affiliated past or present with Madison Heights are encouraged to submit proposals. This includes current residents and individuals that may have formerly lived in Madison Heights and graduated from a Madison Heights school or those that work within our City border.

For the initial exhibit period, eight (8) exhibit locations will be identified in City Hall and the Library. This will be expanded for the second cycle when the entire Civic Center project is complete to include the Active Adult Center. Specific locations will be identified when construction is completed. There is consideration to expand the program after the initial year. 

There are two exhibit opportunities planned for the initial year:

  • March 2023 - July 2023
  • August 2023 - January 2024

Please submit the form below or contact the City Managers' Office at (248)583-0829 or by email at by January 27th!

Madison Heights Art Exhibit

  1. (For questions or notice of award, or potential sale of artwork)

  2. (For questions or notice of award, or potential sale of artwork)

  3. Example: Resident, Student, Alumni, Employed at a Madison Heights Business, Etc. 

  4. Work may be offered for sale at the discretion of the Artist. Please indicate if you are interested in selling your item when you submit it for consideration. Prices or contact information will not be displayed only a notification under the name of the artist indicating the item is for sale.
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