Creative Techspace

About the Creative Techspace

The Creative Techspace opened in 2023 following the Civic Center Renovation, with funding through the Community Advisory Board. We have a variety of maker stations, designed for a range of different skill sets and experience levels. Each type of equipment will be noted with the necessary skill level for use. 

Equipment Skill Level
You can try this equipment out on your own! See a staff member or any of our informational videos and resources if you have questions.
You need to review equipment manuals or work with a staff member before using this equipment. See a Creative Techspace staff member for help.
Only Creative Techspace staff can operate this equipment. 

Creative Techspace Equipment

There is no charge for the use of equipment in the Creative Techspace. Current material prices can be found on the Library Fee Schedule.

Creative Techspace Material Prices

Creative Techspace Documents