How did the city determine the amount of funding needed?

After determining that no other expenses could be eliminated without drastically changing services, City Council directed staff to develop a millage proposal that would provide long-term stability to the City and increase public services and quality of life. 

Staff looked at all millages currently levied, and found the Library millage and millage restoration millages were expiring next year. In order to combine these millages into a public safety millage and ask the voters to consider just one millage increase, staff developed Proposal MH. Proposal MH replaces the library millage, millage restoration millage and combines two other millages for vehicles and advanced life support. It also provides funding for increased public safety including personnel and equipment and quality of life services as determined through resident input.

The net increase is only 3.3867 mills. This is confusing because the ballot language actually reads "increase the charter millage from 10 to 16 mills". This is not a 6 mill increase. The net increase is only 3.3687 due to the combination of current millages and the  headlee amendment. The 3.3687 is calculated: 2.5 mills for increased public safety, 2.93 mills stabilizing funding for general operations and library services 2.93 mills (the library and millage restoration millages are expiring and two other millages will be rolled in and no longer separately levied) and 0.57 mills for quality of life amenities to be determined through the resident input of the master planning process. 


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5. How did the city determine the amount of funding needed?
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