If approved, when will it take effect?

If the millage proposal passes, the millage would be effective on the July 2020 summer tax bill. Increased public safety staffing and infrastructure maintenance and equipment purchases for public safety would be included in the FY 2020-21 budget. We would start the recruitment process for six new public safety positions (3 firefighters, 2 patrol officers, 1 dispatch) shortly after the millage passes, in early January 2020. Enhanced recreation and development projects and special events would be included as decided by City Council and can vary by year based on the needs and desires of the community through the budget process.

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1. Why do we need Proposal MH?
2. What has Madison Heights done to reduce expenses?
3. How will this enhance public safety in Madison Heights?
4. How does Madison Heights' millage compare to surrounding Cities?
5. How did the city determine the amount of funding needed?
6. If approved, when will it take effect?
7. What will this cost me?
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