How will this enhance public safety in Madison Heights?

Since 2009, calls for service for public safety and emergency medical services have increased 41.9%. During this same period staff has decreased 16%. We are not seeking to return to pre-recession levels. We are only seeking to staff the departments adequately enough to be able to respond efficiently to emergency calls within the City. 

Proposal MH will immediately improve emergency services by adding three firefighters, two police officers and one emergency dispatcher to staff. The addition of three new firefighters will go to increasing the average daily staffing level, which will decrease the frequency that the fire engine or the ambulance at Fire Station 2 is left unstaffed. The unstaffed vehicles at Fire Station 2 occur when the daily staffing level falls below eight firefighters. In 2018, the average daily staffing level was 6.5 firefighters per day. Also, the staffing of all the frontline vehicles will improve our emergency response times throughout the City. This will also allow us to address deferred capital assets such as equipment, vehicles and buildings which we have not been able to properly maintain due to lack of funding. 

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3. How will this enhance public safety in Madison Heights?
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