How does Madison Heights' millage compare to surrounding Cities?

In order to compare millage rates we need to compare all the items included in the millage. Madison Heights' millage includes many services other cities do not. Therefore, in order to compare you need to add these additional services to other cities millages.

1.  Madison Heights includes solid waste services (trash, compost and recycling) in the millage. The majority of other Cities do not, requiring instead that residents pay this bill separately. This costs other cities approximately $45 every two months or $270 annually. Solid Waste is 2.25 mills of the total Madison Heights millage. 

2. Madison Heights includes Chapter 20 Drain debt in the millage. Many other Cities do not, including this instead in the Water and Sewer rate billed to residents. 

3. Madison Heights provides full service emergency medical services through our Firefighters/AMET. Many other communities run volunteer fire departments with private ambulance service. 

millage chart

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