Community Oversight
  • Community Oversight - Campaign Zero encourages the empowerment of community oversight structures to play a role in holding individual officers accountable and pushing for systemic changes within police departments

MHPD has community oversight partially by our Crime Commission and Civil Service Commission.  Our Crime Commission has been involved in making recommendations for budget items and for involving the community with presentations on Human Trafficking and participating in Child Identification packets.  We have a City Council representative as a member of the Crime Commission as well. In addition, we are required to have a Civil Service Commission comprised of three residents; this commission oversees hiring practices and can hear disciplinary cases instead of arbitration if so requested by the Union and/or employee. 

ACTION ITEM: As part of this evaluation, and at the suggestion of several City Council members we are researching a different formula for the community commission/task force that would include the activities of the current Crime Commission and Multicultural Board. This new committee would focus on the city and department’s current needs and issues related to diversity, racial relations, and community engagement. We expect to have a report to City Council in the coming weeks regarding staff’s recommendations for the ordinance required to establish such a committee and general focus. 

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