Limit Use of Force
  • Limit Use of Force-This campaign research shows that police departments with more restrictive use of force policies - like banning chokeholds and requiring de-escalation - are substantially less likely to kill people. And more restrictive use of force policies are safer for officers, too.

The MHPD limits the use of force following the best practices across the nation. This includes not allowing the use of “chokeholds”.  We have policies that prohibit the use of a TASER on specific body parts (head and neck) and a prohibition on baton strikes to anywhere other than muscle mass.  Our officers are prohibited from shooting at vehicles. Officers use de-escalation whenever possible. Every use of force has to be reported to the Training Sergeant and Administration.  We report all uses of the TASER to our City Attorney’s office and our insurance company.  Further, all use of force reports are also reported to the FBI.

ACTION ITEM: To increase transparency, the use of force reports that are submitted to the FBI will also be submitted to the Crime Commission or new Community Board as described in #2 above.

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