Independently Investigate & Prosecute
  • Independently Investigate & Prosecute – Campaign Zero research shows Only 1% of all killings by police lead to an officer being charged with a crime. And while the federal government has the power to step in and investigate officers and their departments, they lack the resources to do this at the scale needed to change policing outcomes in America.

All citizen complaints and internal complaints are fully investigated by the command staff.  A full report is prepared and turned over to the Deputy Police Chief for review.  The Deputy Police Chief verifies the thoroughness of the investigation and then reports his findings to the Chief of Police for a full review.  If the complaint is criminal in nature, the investigation is always handled by an outside agency.  (Usually the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department or the Michigan State Police.)  If the incident occurred outside the jurisdiction of the City of Madison Heights, or while the officer was serving on a joint task force, the agency that has jurisdiction would be the investigative agency and they could also choose to bring in an outside agency for investigation. 

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