• Training-Nationwide the average police recruit spends 58 hours learning how to shoot and only 8 hours learning how to de-escalate. Police training needs to be dramatically restructured to emphasize de-escalation and to identify and hold accountable officers who exhibit evidence of racial bias.

During the last year, the MHPD Police Officers spent over 2,776 hours in in-service training.  The topics included but were not limited to:  implicit bias training, comprehensive weapons training, police response to fires, NARCAN Training, Defensive Tactics Training, de-escalation training, less lethal weapons training, oleoresin capsicum (OC)  Spray Training (aka pepper spray), TASER Training, tourniquet application, mental health response, crisis intervention training, active shooter response training, cultural awareness training, interacting with the mentally ill, and interaction with mentally ill veterans or those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), to list a few.

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1. End Broken Windows Policing
2. Community Oversight
3. Limit Use of Force
4. Independently Investigate & Prosecute
5. Community Representation
6. Body Cams/Film the Police
7. Training
8. End For-Profit Policing
9. Demilitarization
10. Fair Police Union Contracts