• Demilitarization-The federal 1033 program transfers military weapons to police departments, including grenade launchers and tanks. Departments that receive more of these weapons are more likely to kill.

This does not apply to Madison Heights as we have not been militarized.  The only piece of equipment we have from the military is a 1973 Armored Personnel Carrier.  It is only used a handful of times during the year, specifically for barricaded gunman situations.  The vehicle has heavy plate armor that can be used to protect the officers from gunfire.

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1. End Broken Windows Policing
2. Community Oversight
3. Limit Use of Force
4. Independently Investigate & Prosecute
5. Community Representation
6. Body Cams/Film the Police
7. Training
8. End For-Profit Policing
9. Demilitarization
10. Fair Police Union Contracts