Body Cams/Film the Police
  • Body Cams/Film the Police – Campaign research shows that body cameras do not prevent police violence from happening, but they do increase the chances that officers will be disciplined or even prosecuted for these incidents. Body cam programs need clear policies that ensure they aren’t used to surveil marginalized communities.

As part of the fiscal year 2021 adopted budget, the department will be replacing the existing in-car video camera system. Also, each officer on the Department will be issued a body camera which will also be purchased in the 2020-21 Fiscal Year budget.

ACTION ITEM: As part of the implementation of body cameras we will be developing policies governing the use of body cameras that follow best practices nationwide. These practices include ensuring public access to footage, prevents storage of non-essential footage, requires officers to record while on-duty, includes specific disciplinary consequences for violations, and prohibits the cameras from being used with biometric scanning and other surveillance technologies. The implementation of body cameras will require the hiring of a records clerk to help implement these practices and respond to requests for footage. This position has been budgeted but is currently on hold until the cameras are implemented.

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