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City Managers Office

  1. Suggestion Box

    This form was created to provide an easily accessible way to provide constructive suggestions to the City Manager.

Department of Public Services

  1. Street Light Repair Request

    You can report street light outages/damage with the following form. Please complete as much information as possible.


  1. Library Donations & Wish List

    Donate towards the either the purchase of Educational Toys for our Children's department, or library materials or library programs.... More…

  2. Winter Reading Challenge 2020

    For every book, e-book, newspaper, magazine or audio/digital audiobook you read or listen to, fill out this online form to be entered... More…

  1. Suggest a Movie

    Is there a movie you would like the library to show? If so, we want to know what it is! Submit your movie titles and we will look into... More…

Photo Contest/Arts Board Forms

  1. Calling All Local Artists/Musicians and Otherwise Creative Beings!!!!!

    Are you an artist who wants to get involved with the Madison Heights Arts & Culture Board? Sign up here to let us know your talents,... More…

  1. This is Home Photo Contest