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City of Madison Heights Youth Council


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    1. Thank you for your interest in serving on the City of Madison Heights Youth Council.

      Applications for the Youth Council are currently being accepted. The Youth Council members are expected to attend all meetings. Applicants are encouraged to review the Youth Council information, including meeting dates and times, to ensure attendance requirements can be met.


      About the Youth Council 

      This youth driven group advises the city on the development of public recreation, youth activities, and programming in the city. Areas of focus are determined annually by the group and include a trip to visit that capital in Lansing or other areas of government leadership.

      The Board shall have the following goals and tasks: 

      1) Adopt an annual project/ activity for the year.

      2) Advise on the activities, programs, and events offered to the youth of Madison Heights.

      3) Have a government focused trip. 

      4) Report to City Council on Annual Activities.

      Schedule: Meets Quarterly in November, February, May, August.

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    3. Please note that contact information listed on this form will be shared with city council and staff for official business. Parent contact information can be listed in place of youth’s contact information.

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      I grant permission for my child, named above, to participate in the YOUTH COUNCIL AND RELATED ACTIVITIES. I/we hereby release and forever discharge the Mayor and Council of the City of Madison Heights, Oakland County, Michigan, a municipal corporation, and any and all other person, firms, or corporations who are or might be liable, from any and all claims of any kind or character which I/we have or may have against it or them, including transportation to or from any portion of this program, and in that regard, I/we covenant to indemnify and hold harmless the foregoing from any loss or damages, including reasonable attorneys fees which may be by them incurred I the event of any such claims are asserted against them or any of them. I/we additionally permit the free use of my child’s name and picture in broadcasts, newspapers, etc. 

      By selecting 'Yes' I am providing my electronic signature and permission for the submission of the Youth Council application. *

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    10. Thank you for your interest in serving on the Youth Council. This application will be kept on file for ONE YEAR. All information in this application is public information and subject to disclosure in response to public records request made pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.