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  1. Curbside Pick-up Request

    Fill out this form to ask a Librarian to select books for you, or to request a book bundle.

  2. Friends of MHPL Membership Registration

    Membership form to gather details for those interested in Friends of the Madison Heights Public Library Membership.

  3. Heritage Rooms Tours and Information

    Request information about the Heritage Rooms, or an appointment to tour the Heritage Rooms. TOUR REQUESTS MUST BE AT LEAST TWO WEEKS IN... More…

  4. Print Pick-Up
  5. Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials

    The Madison Heights Public Library is a repository for the free expression of individuals where residents of the community may come to... More…

  6. Suggest a Title

    Can't find what you are looking for? You can request that Librarians purchase the title for the library's collection.

  1. English Class - Interested (ESL)

    Sign up here if you are interested in free English classes.

  2. Friends of the Madison Heights Library-Volunteer

    Interested in volunteering

  3. Library Card Application

    Residents and business owners in Madison Heights may apply for a library card.

  4. Renew Library Card

    Renew your library card.

  5. Suggest a Movie

    Is there a movie you would like the library to show? If so, we want to know what it is! Submit your movie titles and we will look into... More…

  6. Talk to a Librarian