What will this cost me?

On average the cost for Proposal MH will be around 35 cents per day

We have created an interactive calculator to help you determine and estimate of what Proposal MH will cost you on an annual basis, if fully levied. Click here and enter your TAXABLE VALUE not market value. 

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1. Why do we need Proposal MH?
2. What has Madison Heights done to reduce expenses?
3. How will this enhance public safety in Madison Heights?
4. How does Madison Heights' millage compare to surrounding Cities?
5. How did the city determine the amount of funding needed?
6. If approved, when will it take effect?
7. What will this cost me?
8. Am I registered to vote?
9. Where can I register to vote?
10. How do I request an absentee ballot?
11. What is the status of my Absentee Ballot?