Jury Duty

Requests to be excused or postponed from jury duty must be submitted to the court two weeks prior to your report date. A request due to a medical condition must be accompanied by a doctor's statement. 

Jury Selection normally is completed in a half day. If you are selected, you will be advised when to return for the jury trial. The judge will ask all potential jurors if they are available for the selected jury trial date. The average trial length is one day; occasionally a case will last longer. 

Jurors are paid $15.00 for the first day/Jury Selection plus $.20 per mile. You will be paid $45 ($22.50/half day) for each day after the first day. We will provide you with a letter verifying your juror service that you may provide to your employer. Please be advised that an employer is not required to pay you while you are on jury duty but they must release you from work if you are summoned as a juror.

An Overview of Jury Duty in Michigan