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Madison Heights Progress Forward: A Community Investment Fund

  1. Application packet must contain: 1. Completed Grant Application. 2. Responses to above questions. 3. Proof of tax exempt status or proof of relation to the municipality. Only one application per organization will be accepted.
  2. Please address the following in order ,on no more than four typed pages: Describe your organization’s history and major accomplishments, including the short and long-term goals of your program. Describe the purpose for which you seek funding. What dollar amount are you requesting? Who is your constituency? Include detailed information about the area of the community your program serves. Explain how your program will enhance the quality of life in Madison Heights. List the key people involved in the delivery of the program including responsibilities and qualifications. Provide a detailed plan and budget for the use of the funds.
  3. Madison Heights Progress Forward: A Community Investment Fund
  4. Is this a New or Existing Program?
  5. My signature below indicated that the information presented in this application is accurate to the best of my knowledge
  6. By applying for and accepting Progress Forward grants funds you acknowledge the funding source from Cannabis businesses in Madison Heights
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