Special Events

The Reserves are also utilized for many special events within the city. Many of these events are quite large in scope, with an attendance of several thousand people.

Memorial Day Parade

The Reserve Unit, in conjunction with the Police Explorers and a small contingent of sworn police officers, work at the Madison Heights annual Memorial Day Parade. The parade route runs approximately two miles, necessitating the closing of several roads and driveways and directing traffic.

Fairs & Carnivals

The Reserve Unit works at the Festival in the Park, providing crowd control and traffic direction. This Festival is an event drawing nearly 10,000 people.

School Functions

Members of the Reserve Unit work several school functions and sporting events for Madison Heights' three high schools. These events are numerous and last throughout the school year, creating a need for advance scheduling of volunteer personnel.


Reserves, working with the other members of the Police Department's Auxiliary Services Unit, patrol schools and parks to minimize vandalism on the night before Halloween. This tremendous undertaking requires that nearly all members of the Auxiliary Services Unit volunteer their time for the evening.


Many Reserves have been utilized to assist the police department during severe weather conditions. A Reserve officer's duties in these circumstances usually involve directing traffic at major intersections during power outages and standing by for utility repair personnel.