Department Units

The Uniformed Patrol Division is the traditional "backbone" of the police service. It is the Uniformed Patrol Division that first responds to all requests for service and help by the public and it is the Uniformed Patrol Division that initiates criminal investigations.

Included within the Uniformed Patrol Division are a number of units whose members are trained to function in specialized areas of patrol, training and investigations.
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  1. Auxiliary Services Unit

    The Auxiliary Services Unit is responsible for helping citizens who wish to become more involved and aware of methods of crime prevention in their community.

  2. Bicycle Patrol Unit

    The Bicycle Patrol Unit was established in 1996 in an effort to provide high visibility preventative patrol in the city's neighborhoods, commercial areas and parks, especially at times when families are most likely to be using the city's recreational facilities.

  3. Canine Unit

    The K-9 team was started in 1999 with purchase of “Astor” and the training of Officer Corey Haines.

  4. Field Training Unit

    The Field Training and Evaluation Program is a nationally recognized law enforcement training program that involves on-the-job training, coaching and performance assessment of new recruit police officers.

  5. Motor Carrier Unit

    The Madison Heights Police Department’s Motor Carrier Enforcement (MCE) Unit is dedicated to increasing public safety.

  6. Motorcycle Unit

    In the summer of 2000, the Madison Heights Police Department formed its Motorcycle Unit to supplement traffic safety and community policing efforts.

  7. Police Chaplains

    Police Chaplain Programs are recognized as a vital component of a department’s response to employee stress.

  8. Police Service Aides (PSAs)

    Our Police Service Aides (PSAs) are made up of a core of civilians who undergo extensive training to assist the Madison Police Department in its day-to-day functions.