Police Service Aides (PSAs)

Police Service Aides (or PSAs) within the Madison Heights Police Department are non-sworn, civilian employees who perform dispatching and other administrative functions not requiring the services of a sworn police officer.

We currently have nine (9) PSAs within the department, and they provide 24-hour coverage in our communications center.


All PSAs must pass an intensive in-house Communications Training and Evaluation Program before being allowed to act independently of other PSAs. Additionally, each PSA attends outside training on Law Enforcement Dispatch, Fire Service Dispatch, and Emergency Medical Dispatch.

As police and fire dispatchers, PSAs answer the E-911 calls, and dispatch police and fire units to a scene while often times providing medically approved pre-arrival instructions to the party on the phone.

PSAs possess high communication skills which are needed to illicit important information from telephone callers. This information provides an increased level of service and protection to victims and responders alike.

Front Desk

Besides providing police and fire dispatch, PSAs work the front lobby desk area, greeting citizens who stop in to file minor reports, or request a myriad of information. They also can prepare minor incident reports, which ordinarily would be prepared by a police officer. This frees up the officer for more police related type services.

Integral Role

PSAs play an integral role in the day to day operation of the police department. The City of Madison Heights is extremely fortunate to have such a highly trained and dedicated group of individuals handling such an important aspect of police operations.