Snow Emergencies

When a snow emergency has been declared, all vehicles must be removed from the streets. Vehicles remaining on the roadways during a snow emergency will be ticketed, towed, or both. Pursuant to the ordinance amendment adopted by City Council on March 23, 2009, residents will have up to 6 hours from the time of declaration to remove their vehicles from the street before enforcement occurs.

Once a snow emergency is in effect, it will remain in effect until the street is cleared curb to curb or until the DPS Director or designee terminates the snow emergency. This means that once your street is cleared on both sides, you may park on the street again.


The  DPS Director or designee will call the snow emergency, which will be announced on radio, television, and online.



  • City's Cable Television Channels 15 (Comcast)
  • 10 (WOW)
  • 2 (Fox)
  • 4 (NBC)
  • 7 (ABC)
  • 50 (CW)
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4


To register for snow emergency alerts (and all emergency alerts from the City's Fire, Police and Department of Public Services Departments), go to and click on the "Register Now" tab to complete the online form OR a text message can be sent from your cell phone to 888777 with the Madison Heights zip code 48071 in the body of the text message.


Along with the fun that winter brings, so comes the hazards. Snow and ice accumulated on the sidewalks may cause undue hardships especially for our seniors, students and neighbors who use these sidewalks. City Ordinance 5-30, Section 23-1, states that all snow and ice must be cleared from the sidewalks within a 24 hour period after it has fallen or accumulated. Please be a cooperative member of our community and abide by all city codes and ordinances by removing snow and ice promptly.

Snow Blowing

Lots of people now have snow blowers and mistakenly believe the appropriate place to blow snow from one’s driveway is into the streets. The thought seems to be that the City will plow it later or that it will melt faster. Blowing into the street does no one any good. The city does plow snow in the event of a snow emergency. The snow that you blow into the street ends up a frozen mass or in your neighbors driveway when we push it. If we are not plowing, it only makes a snow-filled, passable road more difficult to travel. When possible, blow the snow on your lawn and on the easement between the sidewalk and curb. Thanks for your help and consideration.


Snow Emergency parking permits are available only to those residents who have a unique situation. Fill out the applications that are available at the front desk of the Madison Heights Police Station. Permits are then mailed out to applicants after final approval of the Deputy Chief of Police.